Import Data

Ingest data into Tidepool from your warehouse, CDP, or directly from actions in your App.

Ways to Integrate with Tidepool

Tidepool supports multiple approaches to data sharing. The three most common models are:

  1. Upload historical events using the Tidepool API
  2. Send data from your CDP (e.g. Segment) to Tidepool
  3. Submit events to Tidepool directly from your app


Check back soon for reverse-ETL and direct App integration examples.

Expected Schema for Track

Reference the complete track events schema here.

FieldLive Ingest - RequiredHistorical Backfill - RequiredDescription
idXXA globally unique ID for the event.
user_idXXAn anonymized ID for the user that created the event.
session_idXAn anonymized session ID for the user. These will be used to link events together.
timestampXISO 8601 format timestamp with timezone when the event was created.
event_nameXXA descriptor for the type of event. Example values might be "user input" or "model response".
textThe text body of the event. For LLM interactions, this is typically the text the user actually submitted (rather than the complete prompt sent to the model).

These must be included to analyze LLM events.
propertiesAn optional dictionary of metadata.